Our Mission 

The mission of Wolfson Children's Hospital is to promote optimal health for the region's infants and children by providing patient- and family-centered care, education, research and child advocacy. 

Our mission is enhanced through the support of Baptist Health and the power of collaboration.

Wolfson Children's Hospital is a unique resource for children and families, thanks to our affiliations with Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville, the University of Florida/Jacksonville, Brooks Rehabilitation and Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. Nationally renowned physicians and researchers work collaboratively with our nurses and staff to provide the highest level of pediatric care at Wolfson. Naturally, we also work closely with area pediatricians and family practitioners, further enhancing our power to improve children's health in our community and beyond.

Training tomorrow's pediatric specialists.

As the main pediatric teaching facility for the University of Florida/Jacksonville, Wolfson Children's Hospital plays a key role in training the pediatric specialists of tomorrow. In addition, we are the main teaching facility for a number of nursing programs, including those at Jacksonville University and the University of North Florida. Our commitment to medical and nursing education, training and research helps ensure our community has access to medical care that's second to none.

Advocating for children.

Have you ever spoken up for a child at school or on your neighborhood? Have you helped a friend or relative find a health care or support resource? Or asked someone to support an important project? If so, then you have been an advocate. Advocacy simply means to speak out on an issue of concern or to champion a cause. It is something that most of us do routinely on behalf of our families, our neighbors, our friends, and ourselves.

At Wolfson Children's Hospital, it is a vital part of our mission to advocate on behalf of kids in the public policy arena, making sure that their needs and concerns are heard when important decisions are made. We have expanded our role as a child health advocate with the establishment of THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health at Wolfson Children's Hospital, funded by a $1 million gift from THE PLAYERS. The Center focuses on health and wellness, childhood injury prevention, health care access and community education. 

In addition, Wolfson Children's Hospital supports our partner Nemours Children's Specialty Care, Jacksonville's BrightStart! program, offered free of charge on a special website Nemours launched in 2014. In line with our common goal of providing child advocacy through community education, Nemours has taken on the issue of early childhood literacy with the creation of this program, providing important resources and information to parents that promote reading success for children up to age 8.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Wolfson Children’s Hospital is among the nine Northeast Florida hospitals to participate in a community health needs assessment to identify gaps in care and how they can be addressed.

Some of the issues Wolfson has committed to work on are childhood obesity, access to health food, access to vision care and youth head injuries and concussions.

The full report is available here.

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