Free Swim Lessons for Children in Northeast Florida 

This summer Safe Kids Northeast Florida, led by THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, is pleased to offer a limited number of free swim lessons to children 4 and up whose families might otherwise not be able to provide them this year. 

Each year enough children drown in Florida to fill three preschool classrooms, and even more experience hospitalization and possible permanent neurological damage from nearly drowning. These are tragedies and losses that can be prevented! As a community, we should follow the Safer 3: Safer Kids, Safer, Response, and Safer Water.

  • Safer Kids means ensuring constant adult supervision and never allowing a child to be unattended; developing swim skills through on-going and qualified instruction; learning and practicing proper behavior in and around the water.

  • Safer Response means to learn and renew CPR, first-aid and rescue techniques through ongoing courses; keep an emergency action plan, rescue equipment and phone by the pool at all times. Be prepared.

  • Safer Water means installing, maintaining and utilizing proper fencing, self-closing gates and latches, pool and spa covers, pool alarms and additional safety equipment to protect the swimming perimeter. No barrier to the water is 100% effective, so use multiple layers of protection to keep young children from entering the water when you’re not watching.

Free swim lessons are available to those who qualify in Northeast Florida by calling:

Duval County

Nassau County

Putnam County

This summer, children who complete their swim lessons with a participating swim instructor will receive a Safer 3 certificate for a free ice cream cone from McDonald’s. To find a participating swim school, visit

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