KidsKare FAQs 

Does KidsKare pick up patients from accident scenes?
No. We transport patients to and from one facility (including Wolfson Children's Hospital) to another.

Does KidsKare pick up patients from home?
No.  Parents with an ill child should call "911" for ambulance transport to the closest hospital for initial treatment and stabilization. However, Kids Kare is available to transport patients from regional Emergency Departments to Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Can parents accompany their children during the transport?
When possible, at least one parent can be with their child during transport. Sometimes it is not possible because of factors beyond our control, such as air ambulance weight limitations or space restrictions in our vehicle or the helicopter. Patient safety is our number-one concern.

What training do the members of the Emergency Transport Team have?
Wolfson Children’s Hospital requires that every transport have a primary transport nurse on board. This nurse is skilled in all of the following areas: neonatal intensive care, cardiac intensive care, pediatric intensive care, emergency care, airway management and advanced life support skills. In addition, our primary transport nurses participate in ongoing education in altitude physiology, safety, trauma and disease management. Our caregiving teams also are active in all clinical areas of Wolfson Children’s Hospital and act as an extension of our hospital upon arrival to your facility.


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