X-Rays and Fluoroscopy 


An X-ray is a common imaging test that’s safe and painless, and used to see images of internal tissues, bones and organs. During the test, the machine sends a small beam of radiation into the body, which produces an image that can help diagnose a bone injury or other conditions.

These tests do not require advanced preparation, and are performed on a walk-in basis and offered at four convenient locations. At Wolfson Children’s Hospital, we follow Image Gently guidelines to give children the lowest dose of radiation possible while still providing excellent films. In addition, board-certified Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville, pediatric radiologists interpret all pediatric imaging tests for the most accurate results.


Fluoroscopy tests are like moving X-rays. These studies are used to view movement of a body part or to watch contrast material, like barium sulfate, as it moves through the body. These tests must be scheduled in advance because they do require preparation, which vary depending on your child’s age. Drinking barium helps highlight the anatomy of the digestive tract as a series of guidelines.

Preparation Guidelines:

Up to 6 months:

  • Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to the procedure
  • 6 months and up:

  • Nothing to eat or drink 6 hours prior to the procedure
  • Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG)

    There are no preparation guidelines for this study unless it is being performed with sedation. If sedation is ordered by your physician, you will be contacted prior to the procedure for instructions.

    Barium Enema or Barium Enema with Air Contrast

    Preparation guidelines:

    For most studies there is no preparation required. If a preparation is needed please call the imaging department so the clinician and radiologist can review the prep that best suits the patient’s needs.

    X-rays follow the contrast through the esophagus and the stomach.

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