Outpatient Services 

We offer a full range of outpatient services, including specialty clinics such as a Neurosciences Clinic and a Spinal Defects Clinic. Our clinics are held primarily in the Drew Bradbury Center, the primary site of  Wolfson Children's Rehabilitation.

In this unique setting, children have comprehensive multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary evaluation. In one appointment, your child's developmental and neurosurgical needs are evaluated and attended to. Not only does this save time for patients and their families, it facilitates more complete care for the child.

Evaluations are performed on each patient and their families by the team. A full report is then prepared and forwarded to the primary care physician as well as the families for their review on information and follow through on instructions. These evaluations are performed according to the medical needs of each individual patient.

At the Neurosciences Clinic, we treat children who have developmental disorders associated with a neurosurgical condition. The patients we most frequently see are children with hydrocephalus and developmental disorders; graduates from neonatal intensive care; and patients who are recovering from head injuries.

We treat patients through a multidisciplinary approach which typically includes a developmental test, a speech therapy assessment, a physical therapy assessment, an occupational therapy assessment, a pediatric neurosurgery evaluation and an evaluation from the nurse coordinator. Social services will evaluate the needs of the patient and family.

The Neurosciences Clinic meets on the fourth Friday of each month in the Drew Bradbury Center, the primary site of Wolfson Children's Hospital Rehabilitation. This is an outpatient-only service, and patients are referred on an individual-needs basis.

Spinal Defects Clinic

The Spinal Defects Clinic at the Drew Bradbury Center gives patients with spina bifida and spinal injuries one-stop access to a coordinating pediatrician, along with specialists in pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric orthopedic surgery, pediatric urology, gastroenterology nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social services, and a nurse coordinator.

How to Make An Appointment

Appointments for our outpatient clinics are made though the Lucy Gooding Children's Neurosurgery Center office at 904.633.0780. A referral from the primary care physician is needed for an appointment.


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