Let's Get It Write Handwriting Club 

Handwriting is a complex task requiring a child to coordinate vision, hearing and fine motor skills to produce legible written work. Small group, multi-sensory classes encourage the acquisition of handwriting skills through the use of arts, crafts and movement activities. Wolfson Children's Rehabilitation's Handwriting Club is led by a registered pediatric occupational therapist with expertise in the development of growing hands.

Write Beginnings!

  • Focuses on basic printing skills
  • Introduces letters of the alphabet
  • Establishes good writing habits
  • Teaches correct letter formation and sequencing

Write On Track!

  • Helps develop and refine printing skills
  • Teaches letter spacing and placement on lined paper
  • Facilitates development of mature grasp
  • Aids in increasing writing speed

Write On!

  • Focuses on cursive writing skills
  • Teaches correct letter formation and placement on lined paper
  • Introduces strategies for writing sentences and paragraphs


  • Required to ensure children are placed in the appropriate class for their developmental level
  • Approximately 20 - 30 minutes
  • Offered at various locations

Click here (PDF) for a Handwriting Club brochure.

Central Registration

To schedule your child's first appointment at any of our outpatient clinics, please call 904.202.1884. A referral form (PDF), completed by your child's physician, is required.

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