Wheelchair and Seating 

Wolfson Children's Rehabilitation is the only outpatient children's therapy group in Jacksonville that has two certified assistive technology practitioners (ATP) on staff. The ATP certification involves ongoing specialty training and certification in the fitting and provision of assistive technology including wheelchairs.

Our wheelchair/seating clinic is designed to include the expertise and input of a group of professionals as well as the child's family. Each child is evaluated by a team that consists of an ATP-certified occupational therapist or physical therapist, a certified rehabilitation technology supplier, certified wheelchair vendor and the child's primary caregiver. This approach ensures that the child receives the most appropriate equipment for his or her individual needs.

Why is correct fitting important?

The selection of the correct size and style of a pediatric wheelchair is critical for proper positioning and efficient mobility. A child typically qualifies for a new wheelchair every five years and therefore the chair must be able to "grow" to meet his/her changing needs. The wheelchair specialists at Wolfson Children's Hospital are able to determine whether the child and family's needs are best met by a manual chair or a power chair. The child has the opportunity to "test drive" several chairs in our clinic prior to deciding the best fit for the individual child and his family. Our therapists are also trained in the provision of custom seating systems to accommodate children with specific orthopedic needs.

In addition to wheelchair fitting, the assistive technology practitioners at Wolfson Children's Hospital are knowledgeable in the most current equipment for ambulation, bathing, toileting, gait training, orthopedic bracing, activities of daily living, and home accessibility.

Contact Information

To schedule your child's first appointment at any of our outpatient clinics, call 904.202.1884. A referral form (PDF), completed by your child's physician, is required.

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