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Laser Cranial Scanning 

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Infant head shape deformities are a growing concern among parents today. Many infants are born with a condition called plagiocephaly or develop it during the first few months of life. Mild plagiocephaly may be corrected with specific repositioning programs designed by a physical therapist. Moderate to severe plagiocephaly may also require the use of a custom-fitted helmet, which is worn for up to three or four months.

Therapists at Wolfson Children's Rehabilitation utilize the STARscanner data laser system by Orthomerica Products, Inc. to capture and analyze 3-D data for infants with head shape abnormalities in a matter of seconds. This eye-safe laser system provides detailed measurements and symmetry analysis to guide the creation of an orthotic helmet.

Parent Testimonials

"The STARscanner is a quick, simple and non-traumatic procedure. It has no comparison to the old molding with plaster. I love the fact that I was able to see a comparative overlay right on the computer. It was great to be able to see the progress towards the end result." ....S.Parker, Jacksonville, Fl

"I am so grateful that my therapist recommended my daughter for the scan and molding process. Our daughter had very favorable results. It was not traumatic for her at all. We are so grateful for the positive changes." ...J. Mayfield, Orange Park, FL

Frequently Asked Questions about head shape abnormalities, the STARscanner and treatment.

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