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THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health 

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THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health
Phone: 904.202.WELL (9355)

THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health was founded in 2011 to improve the health, wellness and quality of life of the families living within the communities we serve. The Center also represents the interests of medically underserved children at the local, state and national government levels. Originally established with a $1 million naming gift from THE PLAYERS Championship, the tournament group presented the Center with another gift of $2 million in November 2016 towards the creation of an endowment that will allow it to sustain its current education, wellness and injury prevention programs, as well as to expand its impact to more kids in the region. The gift was matched with $3 million from Baptist Health Foundation.

Our primary areas of focus include:


Safe Kids Northeast Florida was founded in 2003 with Wolfson Children's Hospital serving as its lead organization. Funding is provided by Wolfson Children's Hospital, public and private grants and donations, and grants from Safe Kids Worldwide. The program's mission is to bring together local organizations to address pediatric injury prevention needs, and to prevent accidental injuries in children 14 and under.

Positive Parenting

Helping parents learn new ways to deal with typical childhood behaviors to create positive relationships with their children. Learn more about Positive Parenting.

Health and Wellness

Asthma is the number-one reason children miss school and the leading cause of hospitalization for children in Northeast Florida. The Community Asthma Partnership at Wolfson offers programs and resources that teach parents, children, educators and health providers about asthma so they can successfully manage the disease and break the cycle of repeated asthma attacks.


Currently, one in nine children is uninsured, putting their health at risk. Wolfson Children's is helping Florida KidCare, the state's health insurance program for uninsured children under the age of 19, to increase enrollment for those who are eligible for the program. KidCare coverage ensures health insurance is affordable for families, allowing more children to access the specialized care they need.

Community Education

Designed to help prevent childhood obesity by empowering children to make healthier food choices and exercise for at least an hour per day, NFL Play 60 is one of the educational programs provided to local schools and after-school care providers. Wolfson Children's and the Jaguars Foundation provide the play equipment, healthy snacks and resource materials needed to maintain the program.

With the goal of improving the health of the community, we offer a range of age-appropriate, school-based lessons that encourage and empower children to develop healthy nutrition habits and vital safety skills that improve overall physical and social well-being. Each program can be adapted for playgroups, summer camps, community centers and other out-of-school settings.

Pre-school Programs

I can Eat a Rainbow (ages 3-7) A caterpillar puppet and an interactive storybook introduce young children to the importance of eating a variety of healthy food.

Germaine the Germ Thing (ages 3-7) Children learn how to prevent the spread of germs through effective hand washing. They will love seeing how germs spread as shown by our special GlitterBug ® Potion.

Teddy Bear Clinic (ages 4-5) Pre-K children enjoy taking their favorite stuffed animal through a "check-up" as they learn what to expect at their own pre-kindergarten physicals. Immunization requirements for entering kindergarten will be included in take-home materials.

School-Age Programs

Body Safari (grades 2-3) This fun and interactive program takes students on an adventure through the major body systems. Students will learn how their organs work together, as well as ways to keep their bodies healthy and safe.

Mission Nutrition (grades 4-5) A race car- themed program that teaches students what foods our bodies need to stay healthy. Hands-on activities illustrate how to read and interpret food labels to make informed food choices.

THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health also supports Nemours Children's Specialty Care, Jacksonville's BrightStart! program, offered free of charge on a special website Nemours launched in 2014. In line with our common goal of providing child advocacy through community education, Nemours has taken on the issue of early childhood literacy with the creation of this program, providing important resources and information to parents that promote reading success for children up to age 8.

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