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Jacksonville Cleft Lip/Palate Clinic 

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One in every 650 children in the United States is born with a cleft defect of the lip and/or palate. Fifty children are diagnosed each year in Northeast Florida.

The Jacksonville Cleft Lip/Palate Clinic at Wolfson Children's Hospital offers comprehensive services that address more than the physical, but also address social and emotional needs.

Our multidisciplinary clinic is staffed by community and University of Florida surgeons and other pediatric subspecialists in coordination with the University of Florida Jacksonville and Children's Medical Services. It is the region's only CMS-certified center for the care of children with cleft defects.

Team physicians and clinicians meet two or three times a month to evaluate each child individually. The care required for each child to attain the best medical and cosmetic outcomes is provided regardless of insurance status. This leads to improved self-esteem, speech and growth and development of the oral cavity. We currently treat more than 300 patients in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

How to Make an Appointment

A call to the nurse coordinator is all that is required to initiate a referral to the program. Children can be referred by physicians, hospitals and/or families as soon as a diagnosis is made...even prenatally.

To make an appointment call our Nurse Coordinator at 904.633.0935.

Upon referral, the nurse coordinator will see the child and/or conduct a pre-clinic screening by phone. Subsequently, she will provide whatever initial support is required by the family to care for the child before being seen at the clinic. This includes providing information and literature, feeding support and specialized nipples, referral to support groups, etc. Medical records are obtained prior to the first scheduled appointment for the child's initial team evaluation.

To contact the clinic:

Jacksonville Cleft Lip/Palate Clinic
820 Prudential Drive
Howard Bldg., Suite 412
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: 904.633.0935
Fax: 904.633.0944

Financial Arrangements

No child who needs help is ever turned away from the Jacksonville Cleft Lip/Palate Clinic. We are funded, in part, by Children's Medical Services (CMS). As the only accredited CMS Team, we are proud to provide comprehensive, family-centered care to each child.

Resources for Parents and Families

Northeast Florida has many resources to help parents cope with and respond to the needs of their children born with cleft conditions. These include:

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