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Safe Kids Northeast Florida, a local coalition of Safe Kids Worldwide, and led by the PLAYERS Center for Child Health at Wolfson Children’s Hospital , was founded in 2003. Funding is provided by Wolfson Children's, along with grants from Safe Kids Worldwide, and public and private contributors.

Our mission brings together local organizations to promote pediatric injury prevention, and offer programs to prevent accidental injuries to children ages 19 and under.

About Safe Kids Worldwide

Safe Kids Worldwide is a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children 19 and under. For more information visit the Safe Kids Worldwide Web site.

Safe Kids Northeast Florida/Wolfson Children's Hospital
Cynthia Dennis, Coordinator
Phone: 904.202.4302

News and Events

Booster Seat Saturday
January 17, 2014

Safe Kids Northeast Florida, lead by THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health, will be doing child seat checks and offering free booster seats to families who qualify -- see Booster Seat Saturday Flier -- for details, time and location. To schedule an appointment call 904.202.4302.

Tis the Season to think Toy Safety
Safe Kids Northeast Florida offers some advice

Millions of toys will be purchased to the delight of children over the upcoming holidays, but parents need to educate themselves on toy safety so any lingering dangers don’t spoil the fun. Here is some information before wrapping those presents:

The most important approach to toy safety is to make sure the toys are age-appropriate. Labels on the toy will help, and parents can go one further by inspecting the toys for small parts that can be snapped or broken off or are part of the assembly of the toy and pose choking hazards. Parents should pay attention to button-size batteries – make sure an electronic toy’s battery compartment is absolutely sealed so a little child could not get hold of the battery and swallow it.

Balloons also pose a serious choking hazard for little children. Pull strings or cords should be checked for length to ensure a toy is not a strangulation threat for a small child.

And also, even in this day and age, make sure any toys for small children, who are apt to put a toy in their mouth are free of lead-based paint.

For older children, make sure any plug-in toys are not an electrical hazard or can heat up and be a burn threat. Parents should budget so they can also purchase safety gear to go with sports-related gifts or items like bicycles, scooters or skateboards.

Here are some help links from the Consumers Product Safety Commissions:

  • Think Toy Safety (PDF)
  • General Toy Safety Information CPSC Web Page
  • Check for Toy/Child Product Recalls
  • Never Leave A Child Alone in a Car

    The temperature inside a car parked outside in the summer can reach more than 140 degrees. Never leave a child alone in a car. Safe Kids reminds parents and caregivers how to prevent the tragedy of children being trapped in a hot car. Click here for more information.

    Child Car Seat Safety Checks

    Safe Kids Northeast Florida and THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health at Wolfson Children's Hospital, offer a weekly Safe Kids Buckle Up inspection station featuring free car seat and booster seat installation checks by certified child passenger safety technicians. For an appointment, call 202.4302. Click here for a flier with full details.

    And here is a great reference document for parents -- Car Seat Checkup: Top 5 Things to Do

    Here is a Web resource for information on "Is Your Child In The Right Car Seat?" (

    Information for Parents
    Safe Kids Day logo Take some steps -- that are easy and quick -- to make sure your children are safe. Here is our Safer in 7 Tipsheet.
    More News For Parents

    It is so important for parents to make sure they have the right car seat for their child, and then to make absolutely sure the car seat is correctly installed in the vehicle. Unfortunately many parents have their children in the wrong car seat. And not all car seats fit in all vehicles.

    Here is a link to Parents Central ( with information on car seats; how to install, recalls, and getting your car seat checked (With Northeast Florida Safe Kids).

    Read about booster seats, threat from coin-sized batteries, and drop-side cribes safety. Click here...

    There are videos offering safety tips and information to keep your family and children safe:
  • Reflector Safety
  • Water Safety

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