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Safe Kids Northeast Florida, a local coalition of Safe Kids Worldwide, and led by THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health at Wolfson Children’s Hospital , was founded in 2003. Funding is provided by Wolfson Children's, along with grants from Safe Kids Worldwide, and public and private contributors.

Our mission brings together local organizations to promote pediatric injury prevention, and offer programs to prevent accidental injuries to children ages 19 and under.

About Safe Kids Worldwide

Safe Kids Worldwide is a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children 19 and under. For more information visit the Safe Kids Worldwide Web site.

Safe Kids Northeast Florida/Wolfson Children's Hospital
Cynthia Dennis, Coordinator
Phone: 904.202.4302

Be a Safe Kids Kid Going Back to School

Time has come on the calendar for the start up of a new school year. Soon all the districts throughout Northeast Florida and Southeastern Georgia will be in session. This is a good time to remind parents and their school-aged children – be a Safe kids Safe Kid this school year.

This includes: don’t walk distracted – keep your eyes up and your ears open for traffic when crossing roads and walking to the bus stop. News stories report too often accounts of children hit by vehicles.

Children waiting to cross a street at an intersection with a stop sign
Click to open an interactive lesson on pedestrian safety

Click here to learn more...

Children should know: look left, right and left before crossing a street – and do so at crosswalks using traffic signals; headphones and electronic devices should be put down when crossing a street – drivers of vehicles are also guilty of being distracted, staying aware as a walker is your best way to stay safe. Children under 10 should only cross a street with an adult or with help of a school crossing guard.

Lastly – have a GREAT school year!

Helmets in the News

Take the Helmet Fit Test

Three illustrated checks to make sure your bike helmet is fitted properly. If it's not nested on your noggin the right way it can't help protect you if you have a spill on your bike.

Check out the tips....

Children wearing bike helmets the correct way

Everything you need to know to keep your kids safe while skating or skateboarding

Skating and skateboarding are great ways to get exercise, and to get from one place to another -- but without a helmet one of those places you can go is to the ER if you wipe out with a wrong fitting helmet on.

Learn to roll the smart way...

News and Events

Child car safety seats checks
Ongoing - call for appointment today
Keep your little ones safe

Check up events are held at the Safe Kids Northeast Florida facility located at Metro Square Office Park (3563 Philips Highway) in Jacksonville, Florida. The inspections are done by certified technicians for free but appointments are necessary. Technicians can teach you about correctly fitting and installing inside your vehicle.

Read the list of Car Seat Checks done by Safe Kids Northeast Florida.

Safe Kids offers tips on:

  • Car Seat Safety Tips
  • Is the car seat your using safe? Check the recall list
  • Not only INSIDE the car, Safe Kids wants to keep children safety AROUND cars, read about Pedestrian Safety
  • It's about keeping them safe.

    Infants to preteen using the right restraint device while being passengers inside a vehicle

    Information for Parents
    High 5 Safety Checklist logo To help you teach your children to be safe on the road, at play and at home -- Parents; here is a great checklist to help guide you.
    To further help you, Northeast Florida Safe Kids provides parents a list that you can fill in...
    More News For Parents

    It is so important for parents to make sure they have the right car seat for their child, and then to make absolutely sure the car seat is correctly installed in the vehicle. Unfortunately many parents have their children in the wrong car seat. And not all car seats fit in all vehicles.

    Here is a link to Parents Central ( with information on car seats; how to install, recalls, and getting your car seat checked (With Northeast Florida Safe Kids).

    Read about booster seats, threat from coin-sized batteries, and drop-side cribes safety. Click here...

    There are videos offering safety tips and information to keep your family and children safe:
  • Take Action Against Distraction
  • Water Safety

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  • Pool Safety (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)
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  • Summer Safety Fun for Kids -- Helmutt® and Bicycle Helmet
  • Lead Poisoning Prevention Tips (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) site)
  • Water Safety Video (Click here to watch this very important 27-minute video to make sure your children are water safe!)
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