MR-I Am Ready! 

Wolfson Children's knows kids, and we like things to be as kid-friendly as possible. To help make your child’s experience at Wolfson Children’s Hospital a more positive one, Child Life, Pediatric Radiology and Pediatric Anesthesiology have joined together to offer the "MR -- I Am Ready!" program for children scheduled for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. The program is designed to help children age 4 and older complete their MRIs without the need for sedation. Wolfson Children's is one of very few hospitals in the nation offering the program, which is provided free of charge.

Wolfie invites parents and their children to watch a video all about having an MRI
Parents, and children -- Watch this video to learn about your MRI .

MR - I Am Ready!

  • Prepares you and your child for an MRI while awake
  • Teaches coping skills to reduce anxiety
  • Works with children age 4 and older  
  • Benefits include:
    • No risks from anesthesia
    • A history and physical from your doctor are not needed
    • There are more appointments available (nights and weekends)
    • Your child can eat and drink
  • Children with autism and involuntary muscle movements are not candidates for the program

How Does MR - I Am Ready! Work?

  • You schedule an appointment with the Child Life specialist and meet a few days before the MRI
  • Your child will:
    • See pictures of the MRI
    • Listen to the sounds of the MRI
    • Learn about the length of the scan (non-sedated times)
    • Learn about contrast if that is needed for the MRI
    • Practice holding still in a play tunnel (for younger children)
  • Your child will have time to practice coping skills for the MRI
  • The MR - I Am Ready! practice session takes about 30 minutes
  • The Child Life specialist, if available, will meet you at the MRI appointment so you see a familiar face
  • Nearly all children who participate in MR -- I Am Ready! are able to complete their MRI while awake
  • If your child doesn't complete their MRI awake, their sedated appointment with Pediatric Anesthesia is still on the schedule, so the scan is not delayed
  • To learn more about the program or schedule an MR -- I Am Ready! visit, call Child Life at 904.202.8548 or email

MRI Movies

Wolfson Children's has two MRI scanners, each with their own movie system.

MRI 3T scanner

The 3T scanner (Space room) has a large TV that plays the movie. If your child goes head first into the scanner, they will look into a mirror to see the movie during the MRI.

MRI 1-point-five scanner

The 1.5 scanner (Cub Camp room) has movie goggles that will rest over your child's eyes like swimming goggles. The movie plays inside the goggles and looks like a movie theater screen.

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