rocks with the words believe, hope and faith Hope is:
Dictionary definition of hope -- A wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment.

How to Have Hope?
Alex’s Story

Alex Colbert was a Wolfson Children’s Hospital patient who lived his life to the fullest while enduring cystic fibrosis. Although he passed away in 2009, he has left behind a legacy in a song about his experience.


65 Roses
By Alex Colbert
The rain falls down
To the ground
It doesn’t make a sound
The lighting strikes
Before my eyes
It’s black and white
I close my eyes
And say goodbye
As I walk towards the light
I start to bleed
From the thorns
On the rose
It slowly takes control
I’m laying here so tired
And weak
I fall to my knees begging
Just give me one more day
Just give me one more night
To say goodbye
You’re at the edge of the earth
Your heart cries out
You’re begging now
Lay the roses at my feet
Take away this disease
So I close my eyes
And walk towards the light
And I say goodbye
So I close my eyes
Relieve this fight
And I say goodbye

What Brings You Hope?
Draw what you think hope looks like and send it to us. Tell us what you do and can to bring hope to others.

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