Parents' Guide 

Parents' Guide

  1. Registration
    and Pre-op
  2. Surgery Day
  3. After Surgery
  4. Going Home

Surgery Day

Due to space constraints, we request only two adults accompany each child. Adult attention should be concentrated on the child having surgery; therefore, other children should not accompany the family. You must be at the facility at the time instructed or risk delay or cancellation of your child's scheduled surgery.

Please take into consideration possible delays due to traffic or unexpected circumstances when you are making your arrangements to come to the facility.

If your child has a favorite blanket, toy or cup, you may bring it with you. Please do not bring valuables as we are unable to assume responsibility for them. Please bring socks or slippers for your child to wear.

Driving Directions and Parking
The day before your child's scheduled surgery, you will be advised to go to either Wolfson Children's Hospital or the Wolfson Surgery Center. (Click here for a campus map (PDF) showing both locations.)

  • Wolfson Children's Hospital (located at 800 Prudential Drive), Second Floor. For information call 904.202.8838
  • Parking at Wolfson Children's Hospital is free of charge. A five-story parking garage on Palm Avenue serves Baptist Medical Center and Wolfson Children's Hospital. The garage is open 24 hours a day, and it has an elevator that provides easy transport to the medical center and hospital. If assistance is needed, you may call Baptist Medical Center's Security Department at 202.1355.

  • Wolfson Surgery Center (located at 836 Prudential Drive), Pavilion Building Fourth Floor. For information call 904.202.7280.

When you and your child arrive at the facility, we will ask your child to change into a hospital gown and will then check his or her temperature, pulse, blood pressure, height and weight. To help occupy your child until time for surgery, we provide a play area. For the comfort of your child as well as other children, no food or drink is allowed in the waiting area.

When the time for surgery arrives, we will escort you and your child to a holding area where you will meet the anesthesiologist and operating room nurse.

A print-friendly version of the Parents Guide (PDF) is provided here for your convenience.

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