Pre-Operative Tours 

Pre-Operative Tours

Having surgery can be a scary experience for children, which is why Child Life offers a pre-operative tour for kids between the ages of three and 18 who are scheduled for surgery at Wolfson Children's Hospital. Provided by a certified Child Life specialist trained in helping children cope with the unfamiliar hospital setting, the tour is offered at no charge to Wolfson Children's patients.

What is a Pre-Operative Tour?

This interactive program is designed to lessen anxiety by helping children understand what will happen on the day of their surgery by introducing them to the smells, sights, sounds and processes of surgical services. The Child Life specialist provides support and helps kids prepare for and navigate through the surgical experience, from check-in through recovery. Our Child Life specialist will walk kids and parents through pre-operative rooms and provide real medical equipment for children to see and touch, including a blood pressure cuff, surgical mask and stethoscope. Children and their families also will see photos of the Operating and Recovery suites, and ask any questions they might have about these more-restricted areas. The child will be individually prepared for his or her surgery by receiving a rundown of the sequence of events to expect on the big day, as well as talking about and practicing coping strategies.

On the Day of Surgery

By request, the Child Life specialist can come along and continue to provide preparation, support and a comforting presence to enhance coping.

To schedule a pre-operative tour, contact Child Life at 904.202.8247.

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